Home educating in a pandemic

Many parents are currently considering home education, for many reasons but not least because of the pandemic.  This is a confusing and difficult time and we are doing all we can to help both new home educators and those who are dealing with having school chidlren at home.

A recent consultation gave rise to new guidance which should be coming into force in September.  Recent events make this a little uncertain, but we believe that it is a useful document for parents even before it comes into force.  Guidance is not law in any case and can only give an indication of intentions and current EA approach, so this document can be useful even while waiting for Ministerial approval.

The best starting point for any new home educator is to read the FAQs here and then join the HEdNI Facebook Group with any questions – the group is open to home educators and those seriously considering home education. For those affected by school closures we recommend this group, which has many experienced home educators in it for support and advice.