Exam Worries

Many parents of home educated exam candidates are concerned after receiving an email from the Education Authority this morning. The email states that all exams are cancelled and advises parents to contact the relevant Exam Board. It appears that we are on our own.

Teenager studying for Japanese GCSE with support of online tutor

We understand the complexities of these times but we believe that the EA is in a position to offer information and support to those children who are affected by this, and that the EA should not wash their hands of us.

There are two initial steps which the EA could take which would be positive.

1. The EA could issue advice to universities, colleges and schools which explains the situation for private candidates and encourages flexibility on required qualifications for admission. Many home educated children will be trying to make a case for this and their support would be appreciated.

2. The EA could investigate what the exam boards they offer will require in terms of proof and collate the information. Not only would their enquiry and concerns carry more weight, but it would ease the burden on the Board and would facilitate keeping everyone informed.

The EA spoke a great deal during the recent Consultation and Working Group on the new Guidance about the importance of building a good working relationship with home educators, and indeed about the importance of access to qualifications. Their support is needed now.