HEdNI will be participating in the Tesco Eat Happy Project

Tesco's Promotional Image

The project gives groups access to the behind the scenes of shops and farms.  It sounds like there is a lot of potential for interesting hands on learning.

"Take your primary school children out to explore farms, dig up spuds and perhaps even milk some cows. It's not just outdoors either – bringing them into our stores to bake bread, fillet a fish – maybe even learn what a kumquat is. And if you can't get to our stores, our trained colleagues and partners can come to you!

We know that the whole issue of a balanced diet can be a bit daunting and mysterious, but we also know that the more children understand about where the food on their plates comes from, the more likely they are to eat it – and love it. This is why we are working with food producers, growers and suppliers across the country to get primary school children on our Farm to Fork Trails."

Please get in touch if you would like to join in one of our visits or activities, or to register with the project yourself.  Details will be posted here and on Facebook.

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