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This is your window to the wealth of information, fun, and support available from the network of home educating families in Northern Ireland.

HEdNI is an inclusive group, welcoming those of all backgrounds, religious beliefs, races and cultures. We do not promote any one method of home-educating; rather we support the right of all families to choose for themselves what suits them best.

Please help us to protect home education in Northern Ireland by writing to your MLA, and asking them to insist that Education and Library Boards act within the law.
A government body attempting to establish a policy document that deliberately over-reaches its legal powers should be of concern to everybody, not just home educating parents.
More information here and in detail

Latest News

Response to Draft Guidelines on SEN Regulations

HEdNI has submitted a response to the draft guidelines on SEN regulations. Our main concern is that children with a Statement should retain the advocacy and support of their parents, while gaining the support of the Education Authority, rather than losing any control to 'professionals' without expertise in that individual child's needs. To this end it is crucial that the expertise of the parent is given weight in Guidance and practice, and that the child's voice can therefore be heard.

Much improved guidance from DHSSPSNI

We welcome the changes made to the guidance on Co-operating to Safeguard Young People, and the way in which our concerns have clearly been heard and addressed. The new guidance can be found here: https://www.dhsspsni.gov.uk/sites/default/files/publications/dhssps/co-o... The section on home education now reads "Elective Home Education is the term used when a parent chooses to provide education for their child at home instead of enrolling them in school as provided for under Article 45 of the...


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