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This is your window to the wealth of information, fun, and support available from the network of home educating families in Northern Ireland.

HEdNI is an inclusive group, welcoming those of all backgrounds, religious beliefs, races and cultures. We do not promote any one method of home-educating; rather we support the right of all families to choose for themselves what suits them best.

Latest News

Home Education and the Corona Virus

Parents who have children off school during this crisis have our sympathy. We have offered a list of tried and tested resources on our public page which might be useful for them to support their children’s learning while schools are closed. We will be posting daily Treats for the Lockdown too on the same page. But don’t try to do it all. Children learn all the time and they will get a great deal out of reading, playing and talking with you- whatever age they are. Even if you have work sent...

Artist led art class FE McWilliam Gallery

Home educated kids were thrilled to have another artist led art session with artist Deborah Malcomson at the FE McWilliam gallery in Banbridge.  This class has been running for quite a few months now and we always feel so blessed to attend. My children look forward to the sessions with much anticipation and excitement, Deborah truly brings art down to their level while also making it fun and educational.