Supplies and resources

Supplies and resources

This page lists some of our favourite places to find “teaching supplies” other than the ever faithful Amazon and Ebay(!)– but remember that resources don’t have to be book-shaped!

As well as videos and computers etc, how about people?

And the world in general?

There’s a wealth of knowledge all around you, even if you don’t realise it – resources are everywhere! 

Schools Surplus is a website which sells off the surplus stock from several educational supply companies. If you don’t find anything that interests you, keep checking back, as their deals are sometimes amazing. I’ve saved over 90% on some items here.

Schofield and Sims sell workbooks and more. Excellent value.

CGP Books write and sell revision guides and study books based on the National Curriculum. They cover Key Stage 1 up to GCSE, and include books on maths, English, science, history, geography, French and other modern languages. They have recently chosen to end their policy of allowing home-educators to buy at “schools” prices.

There are many, many more suppliers of educational resources, but these are some that we’ve used and been impressed by.

We post links to interesting resources, often free, and events regularly on our Facebook Page and in our Freebies and Discounts section.

Other resources:


Primary Science Teaching Trust - curriculum resources, some free, articles and research - assorted resources, some available without subscription

History - Newspapers as teaching resources - "each page is filled with stories from eyewitnesses, social history detail and topics for discussion. A newspaper is an enjoyable way to help learning and engage a pupil’s curiosity and imagination. Papers allow us to relate past events to the present day and be the starting point for debate on history and its significance today."

Maths - battle with maths

Coding/IT/Programming - a game based programme to learn Javascript/similar languages

If there are links you think we should add here then please let us know!