2019 Consultation

The EA has announced a consultation on Draft Guidance on Elective Home Education to run between 29th of May and the 21st of August.

HEdNI will be submitting a response that broadly supports the draft, a summary of the issues can be found here.

Having been involved in the Working Group which produced these Guidelines we feel that while they are not perfect they represent a significant improvement on the current situation. We encourage all home educating parents to join the HEdNI Facebook group and participate in discussions before drafting their own responses, there is no hurry.

All parents should respond to this consultation, doing so will not add you to a “register” or prompt the EA to contact you regarding your educational provision. All considered responses are valuable, they need not be long or detailed as long as they make the points that you feel are important.

It will be very important whatever your view on the Guidance, to submit a response which details what you like about the Guidance as well as what you do not.

History and comment

The 2019 Consultation will be on a Draft produced by a Working Group, which was set up after the contentious consultation of 2014.  While we are not delighted with every aspect of the new draft, we have come a long way since then and we hope and believe that a more constructive relationship has developed.

Our priority has been to create better practice in dealing with home educating families, to mandate procedures which are within the law and to give home educating parents the tools they need to insist on fair treatment.  HEdNI will object strongly to those areas in which we believe that the Draft oversteps the bounds of the law, and whereever we perceive a lack of clarity or the potential for misunderstanding- but we believe that the most important elements are in place to warrant our overall support.