Evidence to the Education Committee from the Education Authority

Education Authority Brief Education Committee

You can watch the rather strange evidence presented to the Education Committee on the first of July here from around 2hrs28, as one Committee Member comments it is "bizarre".

"Clare Mangan:

Those who have never been registered, we cannot draft a policy in relation to them because currently the legislation that exists in Northern Ireland does not apply to that group.

So the only children and young people that are affected at this stage by the Draft Policy that has been presented are those children who were originally registered in school for whom their parents now have decided to home educate, so it is the deregister group for whom this policy applies.

So in that regard, these are children that would be known to us for whom parent for one reason or other chosen to educate them at home, they’re the subgroup for which these document applies and for which the legal duty in terms of establishing the appropriateness or otherwise of the curriculum and the, and issues pertaining to safeguarding apply.

Peter Weir:

Yes, I have to say it does strike me as a slightly unusual construct ..."


"Jonathan Craig:

But only if they register?

Clare Mangan:

Only if they register.

Jonathan Craig:

So the mistake they made was registering?

Clare Mangan:

Well it may...

Jonathan Craig:

Is that not bizarre?

Clare Mangan:

That is a matter for the individual family, it's not a matter for me to comment on.