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If you are a Head Teacher who has been asked by a parent to delete the name of a child from the school register:

See DENI Circular 2010/07 and 2017/15 The relevant parts of the Circular are Section 8 and Code 3, and also Section 14 or "Removal of pupils’ names from the register" (vi).

If you are a parent who wishes to deregister your child:

If you choose to deregister your child in order to home-educate him or her, you must inform the Head Teacher of the school at which your child is a pupil. You do not need to inform the Education Board. You do not need to seek permission to deregister. You do not need to get approval of your plans for home-education.  The situation is a little more complicated if your child is registered at a Special School, where permission may be required.

We strongly recommend that you read this website thoroughly, and get in contact with other home-educating parents.

To deregister:

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