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Shakespeare Week

Many families and groups will be using the resources from in March this year... and exploring Shakespeare in families and at the various groups.  The resources and 'passports to Shakespeare" are available to Home Educators if you register before February.

"Shakespeare Week is a national annual celebration giving primary school children a great first encounter with Shakespeare. Join the thousands of schools, families and organisations working together to inspire a whole generation of children through Shakespeare’s stories, language and heritage. "


Elite Archery
Barefoot Books
Education Pages from CB Designs
Riviera Leotards
Tee Dee Designs - Michael the Tiger
In Touch Equestrian

A small collection but growing - these lovely people offer discounts to home educators and home educating groups.  


Elite Archery - 07841403207

For all ages and abilities, we provide all equipment and can travel to you for any special events.

20% off for home educators, just let them know.


Belfast and Online

Barefoot in Belfast

I'm delighted to be able to offer home educating families in Northern Ireland 20% discount on Barefoot Products ordered directly through Barefoot in Belfast. I'm also happy to offer bulk discounts, please contact me for further details.

20% off for home educators, just quote HEdNI when you order.

CB Designs


Forest House
Blacksmithing Skills
Horse Riding
Model making, history, politics, geography and more!
Statues in the forest
Grapes straight off the vine
Maths drills home school style!
Woodwork in the woods

Blogs by Home Educators in Northern Ireland

Billy's Home Education Blog 

Crystal Tiny Treasures - just starting out, curriculum reviews 

Good Books for Bad Children

Guiding Light

Two Teens and a Toddler

Wanting What's Best For My Teen

Kim Constable

If there are links you think we should add here then please let us know!

Stories - home educators share their experience

Sarah - North Coast

Legal Information

Building with Magnets
Lions at the Zoo
Science Museum

Key Points:

  • deregistration is on demand and can be immediate (this may not apply to Special Schools where permission must be sought but should not be unreasonably denied)
  • the Board has no right or duty to monitor the education you provide, visit your home or meet with you or your children, you can keep things in writing if you prefer
  • you can respond to any concerns they may have in the format you feel best - their forms are only a suggested format 
  • you are not required to follow the National Curriculum or any other, while some home educators use a curriculum others do not
A reasonable summary is available on the official NI Direct official information page. This brief was prepared for parents to give to any professionals involved with their families, it details the applicable law and outlines the position on SEN and welfare.

Home Education is a legal option for every family in Northern Ireland. It is not necessary to seek permission from the Department of Education or your local Board of Education. If your child is registered at a school, you must deregister the child (by writing to the school principal); neither you nor the principal need permission from the Board or the Department of Education.

There may be an exception to this when a child who is attending a Special School - in this case the parent might need permission to deregister the child.

You do not need to hold any formal teaching qualification, or any formal qualification of any kind, to educate your children at home.

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