Not Back To School Celebrations 2017

Not Back To School

Construction at W5

This is the time of year when we welcome new home educators and reconnect with each other after a busy summer. The museums, parks and swimming pools are emptying during 'school hours', the classes and groups are starting up again and of course our Not Back To School celebrations are underway.

As always there is a packed programme this week, too much to do everything! From treetop adventures and museum trips, to gymnastic and sports taster sessions, and of course social meet ups of all sorts.

We wish you and your families a wonderful year, full of fun and learning! For the community as a whole we hope that the upcoming new guidance on home education and the consultation will be a positive step forwards towards greater trust between home educators and the Education Authority. 

To get involved we suggest that you join the HEdNI Facebook group to connect socially and find out about events.

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