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About the UNCRC - addressing the 'balance' between the rights of the child and parental choice

The Right of the Child to have a Green Tongue
3 years 2 weeks ago
The Minister and the Boards have referred to striking a ‘balance between ensuring that the rights and needs of children themselves are appropriately protected and facilitating parental...

Personal Responses

3 years 2 weeks ago
This is a collection of personal responses offered for inspiration and information.  Some remain in draft and may be modified before final submission. Take a look at some of the new submissions...

New Discounts Page

20% off Archery
3 years 3 weeks ago
Our new discounts page has just gone live.  We're hoping to get a nice little selection of opportunities for home educators - places to meet, events to enjoy....

Ministerial Oral Answer

3 years 3 weeks ago
Ministerial Answer at 2mins: Elective Home Education 2. Mr Attwood asked the Minister of Education to outline the reasons for the draft policy...

Schoolhouse respond to the consultation

3 years 3 weeks ago "As Scotland’s national home education charity, we had considerable input to research which subsequently informed the...

Ministerial Answers

3 years 3 weeks ago
Several Ministerial Questions were asked by Danny Kinehan MLA, the most interesting answer is to the last question: whether the Assembly and the Education Committee will be given the opportunity to...

Letter from the Department of Education

Department of Education
3 years 4 weeks ago
The department has sent HEdNI a letter, thanking us for our comments in relation to the consultation. They state that they must strike a balance between the rights and needs of children, and the...

Consultation Response from Dr Paula Rothermel

3 years 4 weeks ago
"I find that the policy recommendations regarding mandatory monitoring and supervision of home educators in Northern Ireland are arbitrary, legally unjustified, unwarranted and open to...

Who would home educate?

3 years 4 weeks ago Anyone who hasn't yet seen this excellent segment on The Wright Stuff should take a look.  

News Flash

3 years 4 weeks ago
The Education and Skills Authority is to be scrapped. One body to cover the whole of Northern Ireland, but with the same powers as the current boards is now planned: