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Dippy at the Ulster Museum

20 weeks 3 days ago
Two large groups of home educating families managed to be some of the very first people to privately see Dippy the Diplodocus Dinosaur when he arrived in Belfast yesterday as part of his road trip...

Alice in Wonderland Picnic

22 weeks 6 days ago
On Wednesday 5th September, home educators hosted an Alice in Wonderland picnic in Wallace Park, Lisburn for the ‘Not Back to School Week!’.  Children were encouraged to read the fantastic...

People who help us!

23 weeks 4 days ago
Our home educated children had a very special treat this Friday morning.   Getting a look inside a fire engine and an ambulance!  The fire service talked us through fire safety, the gear...

Pizza Express Cooking class!

23 weeks 5 days ago
A morning making pizza sounded like a wonderful idea at the time of booking, and though we had to book months in advance (popular those Pizza Express guys!) and brave rush hour traffic it was...

Not Back to School week 2018

26 weeks 5 days ago
Our annual not back to school week kicks off on the first week of September incorporating visits to see fire fighters and paramedics, a cooking class in Pizza Express, an Alice and Wonderland themed...

The Big Home Ed Picnic - a national celebration of learning

Some of the Children at the Belfast Picnic, posing by the trees and hanging aign
32 weeks 5 days ago
As home educators all over the country celebrate learning with picnics and events we had two of our own in Northern Ireland.  In Belfast we celebrated in Wallace Park with food and circus skills...

Musgrave vegetable garden

44 weeks 2 days ago
Our weekly meet at Musgrave Sensory garden has begun again. Our vegetable bed has been sown with peas, carrots, pumpkins, leeks, strawberries, red currents, blueberries and potatoes over the last few...

Our visit to the Wastewater Heritage Centre

HEdNI Kids at the Wastewater Heritage Centre
44 weeks 4 days ago
Today we visited the Wastewater Heritage Centre in Belfast. This is owned by NI Water. First, we learnt about the sewage systems of the past.  The toilets in Roman times were quite hygienic as...

Lisburn Bowl

1 year 11 weeks ago
Taking advantage of Lisburn bowling alleys ten pin Tuesday offer again, some home ed families got together for a bowling session over 4 of their lanes this morning.  It was a great way for the...

Ukelele at The Big Sing

Three of the new Ukelele players
1 year 12 weeks ago
HEdNI kids were excited yesterday to add to their musical repertoire at the Big Sing- after a great session singing rounds and experimenting with the boom-wackers(!) there was an opportunity to join...