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The Welfare Thing - Guest Post on Dare To Know

6 years 7 weeks ago
The draft Policy on Elective Home Education in Northern Ireland is riddled with references to ‘safeguarding’ and ‘welfare’. We know from informal phone conversations that the Boards consider this a...

Are Homeschooled Children “At Risk”?

6 years 7 weeks ago
This article was submitted by Kelly Green, a supporter of home education in Canada, and was previously published in the US Home Education Magazine in 2012. In my opinion, one of the most challenging...

An Imaginary Conversation...

6 years 7 weeks ago
The same questions and comments come up again and again, here I am talking to my imaginary contact in the ELB... 1.       YOU might think that all parents you meet have...

Experiences with the Boards

6 years 8 weeks ago
The Draft Policy as outlined is concerning enough, but doesn't arise out of nowhere.  The current situation is one of deep mistrust between home educators and the Boards.  Given this we...

Articles and Blogs

6 years 8 weeks ago
A collection of articles and blogs about the 2014 consultation on the draft Northern Ireland Policy on Home Education.   Print NI4Kids - New Rules for Home School? Impartial Reporter, Fermanagh...

Sign Our Petition

6 years 8 weeks ago
Please ask the education and library boards to act within their legal powers, sign this petition and don't forget to write to your MLAs. __________ To the Northern Ireland Education and Library...

Graham Stuart writes on our behalf

Graham Stuart's Letter
6 years 8 weeks ago
Graham Stuart MP, Chairman of the All Party Parliamentary Group on Home Education in Westminster has written a letter to John O'Dowd, the Northern Ireland Minister of Education, detailing his...

Focus Groups

6 years 9 weeks ago
HEdNI encourages home educators and those considering home education to attend the focus groups organised by each of the 5 Education and Library Boards on their proposed Home Education Policy....

Hands Off Home Education

Trust Parents - protect parental choice
6 years 9 weeks ago
Parents must feed their children.  They rely on the Food Standards Authority to ensure the food they buy is safe, but the FSA doesn't come and check their kitchen or demand to approve a weekly...

Film Makers

6 years 10 weeks ago
This is a very proud Mum of two great kids who made and acted in a fantastic thriller film, showcased at Queens Film Theatre Belfast.