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Petition Handover

5 years 42 weeks ago
On the 7th August HEdNI members Mairi Rivers and Edward Underwood met Mervyn Storey MLA with members of their families to hand over their petition. The petition asks the Minister for Education and...

SENAC Response

5 years 47 weeks ago
"SENAC cannot support the implementation of this draft policy for a number of reasons and as a consequence we disagree with each point in the pro forma response.  Our main concerns are:

Article in the Impartial Reporter

5 years 47 weeks ago
"A DRAFT policy that aims to ensure that home educators provide an "efficient full time education" for their children ahs been described by one Fermanagh parent as "criminal" and "intrusive""... "...

Disappointment at consultation responses from CLC and NICCY

5 years 48 weeks ago
Home educating families are very concerned at the apparent disregard for the law, and for the legal rights of children in the responses by the Northern Ireland Commissioner for Children and Youth,...

Education Otherwise Response

5 years 49 weeks ago
Anne Rix, Chair of Education Otherwise Assocation, submitted their reponse to the consultation: "We ask ELBs to consider the nature of their relationships with families carefully throughout the...

Two extraordinary personal responses

5 years 49 weeks ago
Take a look at these two responses, from which I quote briefly below: S. Rafferty Response C. Rafferty Response The first is a narative based on Shevaun's experiences helping people who call...

Harriet Pattison, Researcher, Response

5 years 49 weeks ago
"Since 2006 I have been a research associate of the Institute of Education, University of London specialising in home education practices and philosophy.  Research undertaken by myself and in...

NI4Kids Article on the consultation

5 years 49 weeks ago
Read full text at NI4Kids - New Rules for Home School? "Mervyn Storey Chairperson of the Assembly Education Committee and Education spokesperson for the DUP has called on the Education Minister...

BBC Article on the Consultation

5 years 49 weeks ago
Read full text on BBC News website. It is interesting to see that the Children's Law Centre welcomes the changes and considers the Draft to be 'clear':  "There is no planned change to the law to...

HSDLA Response

5 years 49 weeks ago
"If implemented, it would violate international law and hte fundamental human rights of the parents and their children.  The proposed policy grants unreasonable access into the home, violating...