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HEdNI is an inclusive group, welcoming those of all backgrounds, religious beliefs, races and cultures. We do not promote any one method of home-educating; rather we support the right of all families to choose for themselves what suits them best.

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Another Year of Consultatation Draws to A Close

NSKA HEdNI Drama Group Christmas Performance
When the draft policy first emerged last April as (apparently) a single local consultation under the NEELB we had little sense of how long and hard we would have to work to prevent the damage it promised... and there’s no end in sight yet!  Over the last year and a half we have been encouraged and touched by the open-mindedness, interest and support of so many people and organisations - to them we give our most heartfelt thanks.  We are pleased to be told that the Education Authority...

Education Authority Publishes Summary of Consultation Responses

Education Authority Logo
The Education Authority has published a summary of consultation responses, which can be found here: http://www.eani.org.uk/about-us/latest-news/elective-home-education-draft-policy-summary-of-consultation-f/  On first reading it seems like a thorough survey of responses, which seem to be overwhelmingly concerned about legal errors and the overall advisability of such a scheme - teachers, MLAs, churches, parents and organisations all concur... with the exception of a few who seem to...