Can they take exams?

In short, yes. We know of many home educated children from Northern Ireland who have taken exams and gone on to higher education. The Home Ed Exams Wiki (along with the Home Ed Exams and Alternatives Facebook group) is the best place to start your research, and through our Facebook page you will be able to find other local parents who have helped their children through this for advice and support.


There has been a great deal of uncertainty over exams for private candidates in 2020, and we are liaising with the EA with a view to providing some useful information as soon as we are able.

Before the pandemic the EA had decided to open exam centres to EHE candidates. This is very welcome, and we were seeking clarity on likely costs, however it seems likely that the coronavirus situation will hold things up here.  


For now the officer you should contact in relation to examinations, is Chris Kennedy and he can be contacted at the e-mail address below :

When you e-mail, please provide information as follows:

  1. The subject/s for which your child is to be entered
  2.  The exam board and level 

With regards to examination centres, the EA will try to arrange a centre close to you, if one is not available the they have promised to find an alternative.

The EA will bill you for the cost of examination entries.