Day Camp at Intouch Equestrian Stables (first)

Thu, 17/07/2014 - 10:00am - 1:00pm
100 Mullaleilish Road Richill
Day Camp at Intouch Equestrian Stables (first)


With horsey crafts and activities whilst each family has a turn with the horses, hopefully involving a variety such as mucking out, grooming, tacking, leading and riding.

£15 per family, please book through Learning Labyrinth Facebook Group, or through the contact us form here.



Address is 100 Mullaleilish road. From Portadown to Armagh direction (along Armagh road) turn left at the Stonebridge restaurant r'about towards Richhill. Take 2nd left, ballyleny road, just after bad bend (slow down coming up to this), go along until crossroads then turn left, then left at fork. About 1/2 mile, Clayton's car place on right, we're just after, on left, D rail fencing, old chicken houses! Drive very slowly in yard please.


Wear stretchy clothes like leggings or joggers with boots/closed shoes/wellington boots, bring raincoats and suncream (just in case), picnic lunch and drinks, and horse related crafts and activities. We have a small room if its wet and space outside if its dry.


If anyone is up for more fun after the stables I have two suggestions; if dry- Loughgall Country Park and if wet- Armagh Museums or Planetarium :-) All free admission! Just need loose change for parking.