Climbing Wall

There are many, many articles on the internet about home-education. Here’s a sample...


Education Outside School Magasine (UK)


Informal Learning, Home Education and Home Schooling, by Alan Thomas

Learn in Freedom is a great site with links to lots and lots of articles.

“No thanks, we don’t believe in socialization” – a homeschooling parent debunks some myths.

Children schooled at home have better social skills

A summary of research from the Fraser Institute in Canada (2001)

Home-education is growing – worldwide, and in the UK

Article on informal learning – Alan Thomas explores the idea

Why do teachers choose to homeschool?

Interesting article from the San Francisco Chronicle

Policy analysis on homeschooling from the Cato Institute

Homeschoolers Are Preferred by Colleges and Universities - M.Kayo,


Articles about home education and the 2014 Draft Policy on Elective Home Education can be found here.  HEdNI publications here.

If there are links you think we should add here then please let us know!