Warrior school at Navan Fort

Warrior school at Navan Fort
Warrior school at Navan Fort

“On Friday 13th September, a group of home educated children and their families went to Navan Fort for a Warrior Celts Workshop. 

We learnt about the Celts in the Iron Age and how they lived  and fought. They lived in round houses with thatched roofs made of straw or heather. We got to go  inside a round house to see what sort of things they had, like an open fire and weapons like spears. Their house was really small with only one room to live, sleep and eat in. We heard stories of what it was like to live in that time. 

Outside, we got a demonstration of how a celt used a spear.

We found out how archaeologists can work out what age an artefact is and we got to make our own Celtic shields to keep.

After that some families stayed to have a picnic and visited the museum and the fort.

We all enjoyed our day and can't wait to go back to do one of their many other workshops.

By Grace Houston”