Art Class with FE McWilliam Gallery

Art Class with FE McWilliam Gallery

Two groups of home educated children enjoyed another art class with the fabulous Deborah Malcomson at the FE McWilliam Gallery. 

This is such a popular event with our community and it’s easy to see why. 

Deborah naturally gets on the kids level, earns their respect and teaches them some really cool art. 

This month the kids designed a colour wheel, discovering what colours you can make when you mix primary colours together. 

They then got to create their own colourful masterpieces taking inspiration from the current artist theme at the gallery -Scottish colourists from the Fleming collection. Using wax crayons, and paint. Discovering that the wax resists the paint and comes through onto the painting. 

Lastly the kids made colourful collages simply with paper glue and scissors. 

The imagination shown was outstanding! 

We look forward to our next session in November!