WWII at Springhill

WWII at Springhill
WWII at Springhill

“On Monday 29th April 2019 a group of home educators got together at Springhill House for a history workshop on World War 2.

We met the people that were dressed as land army volunteers and they said we would experience 1945, just before the war ended.

We were given our national security cards and then we walked out and talked about the A.R.P. in the country which was different from the city A.R.P..

Then we walked around to the rose garden where we talked about ‘dig for victory’ which was a scheme set up by the government to plant fruit and veg.

Next we walked in to the paved forest where she told us all about the American troops that were there in WW2, marching us out whilst singing ‘Whistle while you work’.

We then split up in to groups and my group first learnt about food rationing. A shock for all the kids was that sweets were rationed!

The groups then switched and we went ‘make do and mend’ where we learnt that clothes were rationed, kids got 56 tokens and adults got 48.

After lunch we had to find a hidden double agent who told us the war was over!

We all had a great day at Springhill.

Myles Taylor(11)”