A visit to Exploris

A visit to Exploris
A visit to Exploris
A visit to Exploris

Some home educating families had a tour around Exploris aquarium this week, a parent outlines their day below. 

“It’s not every day that a tour guide is stumped by a question, however when they are bombarded by 100 random questions in a row, there's a possibility they're interacting with a home educated child. 

How does that work?

What happens when you press this?

Or in the case of one home ed. kid yesterday, "Don't you mean poison not venom?" when discussing a lion fish.

Home educated children are often loud, always curious, free range and when they get together instant friendships are made across age groups. In Northern Ireland there is a growing community of home educators and we often try to organise meet-ups or get togethers either in halls, at parks or in each others houses but occasionally we also meet up in public for a special day out and that day was yesterday when a group got together and went to the Exploris Aquarium in Portaferry.

My own children are 12 and 9 and we made a full adventure out of the trip, starting with the ferry across Strangford Lough. Our group had to wait a short while in the aquarium for our tour, so some of the younger children played on the soft play and then at 11.30 we all gathered at the front desk for our guided tour, although one mum apparently turned up the day before, never a dull moment!


Roughly twenty parents and children with various ages from 2 to 14 walked around looking at otters and seals, touching starfish, sea urchins and skates with the friendships blooming across the age ranges.


This is one thing no one tells you when you start home educating, far from being isolated your child's friends will be a broad spectrum and with more and more events planned they won't be shy for company or learning resources.


Quite often home school groups will avail of school/group discounts when we get together like at the aquarium and it's always fun, if a bit noisy.”