Visit to the Traffic Information and Control Centre

Visit to the Traffic Information and Control Centre

“On 12 October 2018 we visited the Traffic Information and Control Centre in Belfast.  

The visit lasted approximately one hour. First of all, an engineer talked about traffic signals. He told us about the motorway signs for the variable speed limits and how they’re made up. He explained that half of the traffic lights in Northern Ireland are now LED. The remaining old traffic lights are going to be upgraded.  

Unfortunately, traffic lights are vandalised in some areas by lighting them on fire. This can cause traffic problems. 

Magnetic loops underground sense cars approaching the traffic lights and then can change accordingly. We learnt how our metro and glider buses have sensors on them which change the traffic lights in favour of the bus. 

After our interesting talk we went into the camera control room. We learnt how to change the variable speed limits on the motorway and also got to update the traffic signs to say “queue ahead”. Next, we got to play around with all the traffic cameras which are used to monitor traffic delays and accidents. 

It was a brilliant morning.”

Myles (age 10)