Creative writing - telling stories

Creative writing - telling stories

Some of our members recently started to get together for creative writing and story telling sessions. 

The organiser has has detailed their sessions together below! 

A very exciting opportunity for our young people to find new ways to express themselves. 

“We recently had another great Telling Stories – Creative ‘Writing’ and Storytelling session. Our theme was characterisation and also a little bit about the process of ‘show, don’t tell’ – which is part of the theme for our next session.

We discussed how a story, Song, or even a book, can begin with just one idea for a character, what makes an authentic and believable character, and also how characters can grow and take on a life of their own. Optional ‘homework’ included the children choosing a random person, or animal – on the street, in a shop, anyone that catches their eye as they go about their daily lives – and create a character profile and a short back story for him or her.

We always play a warm up game to get the creativity flowing and this session the children each chose from assortment of images and created a quick story about it. We had some fabulous stories – including an Indian woman suffering from amnesia, searching for her family, and an elephant and a magic waterfall! Once again, I was amazed by the depth and breadth of creativity our children have!

We also talked about how we can reveal our characters’ personalities through dialogue, actions and the five senses – Showing the reader, listener etc., rather than Telling them – and how this bring a story and character to life.

For all those who haven’t yet been, here is a reminder that actual writing is not a necessity – unless of course that’s your chosen form of expression. The focus is on creating stories through any medium that helps each child get their story out, be it through writing, verbalizing, recording, comic strips, image etc. In the past we’ve had written stories, a rap, verbalized stories, comic strips, image, and more!


Sessions suit ages 10+ and take place fortnightly.”

See the hedni group for more detailed information.