Ulster Flying Club visit

Planes ready for lessons.
Gliders and private planes

We had a group visit to the Ulster Flying Club this week. 

The airport manager took us through the airports various garages were we got to see a lot of different types of planes, gliders and helicopters. 

One man took us to a helicopter and gave us a very detailed explanation of how it worked, letting a few children sit inside while the rest of us had an in-depth explanation of what fuels the majestic machines. 

Some working planes dated right back to 1941, others had wings made from linen! 

As we were walking around we got to witness several planes taking off and landing. 

In one garage we got to see a crashed plane, and hear the story behind it. 

We went on to meet a Jet 2 pilot who was in the middle of repairing some planes in his workshop.

At the end the kids got to sit in the cockpit of a plane. 

The airport manager was absolutely brilliant, eagerly satisfying the curiosity of both the parents and the children. 


We availed of a very unique experience and we are thankful to the organiser and Ulster flying club for hosting us.