Two extraordinary personal responses

Take a look at these two responses, from which I quote briefly below:

The first is a narative based on Shevaun's experiences helping people who call the Education Otherwise Helpline:
"I have created a composite story from difficult events which I know have happened to a significant number of children and families in N Ireland under the present policies of the various ELBs. I know the original stories from my experience as a long time volunteer at branch level with Autism NI and also as volunteer telephone support for home educators in N. Ireland with Education Otherwise. It also includes my own story with my son so I am speaking from personal experience. Although the story is mostly about children who have been in school before moving to home education it is still relevant to the decisions made by parents who have never school educated and who oppose these proposals because they are very aware of the very real dangers of ELB involvement which are portrayed by this story."

...and the second is by her son who has ASD:

"Inspite of all the challenges I have faced, the right to be home educated has not cost me so many opportunities as one might think. After many years, I was willing to learn about more subjects, and eventually return to formal education. I made it into college, and then university, and expect to graduate soon with a good degree. I have had opportunities to travel, and engage in numerous activities that were of pleasure to me. Currently, I am starting on the path towards having my own job and home.

Had I stayed in school, it is likely I would have failed miserably, and lost all confidence to grow up and move out into the world. My life history has demonstrated that school is not essential for one to learn. If children lose the right to be home educated, it is for sure that some will suffer needlessly, as I would have done. I sincerely believe the world would be a much better place if it understood and respected the needs of those who are different."