Focus Groups

Focus Groups
HEdNI encourages home educators and those considering home education to attend the focus groups organised by each of the 5 Education and Library Boards on their proposed Home Education Policy
Remember: the crucial point to emphasise is that any policy must correctly represent the legal powers and duties of parents and the Boards. The current draft does not do this.
Be prepared, be friendly, speak your mind and take copies of any documents you might want to refer to. For example:
- an example of best practice - Lancashire's Policy (English Law shares the wording of the Northern Irish Order), note that this isn't perfect but does illustrate that a good working policy is possible
- personal experience
ask permission to record the session or take notes (pause outside straight after and add anything you missed). We would love to see your minutes as they are a great help to other home educators attending these meetings, or working on their written responses.
Read my imaginary conversation with an ELB - these are the questions that are raised again and again.
Be cautious if they offer to answer questions that you send after the meeting.  Questions sent in after the first NEELB meeting were treated as a Freedom of Information Request.  These can only be used to gain sight of information (generally documents) held by boards, so we are highly unlikely to get answers on many of the questions we would like to ask.  See the end of the first NEELB Minutes for the questions asked.

8th May (summary here)
16th May (summary here)
28th May (summary here)

11th June:
10am- Newry Teachers Centre
2pm- SELB HQ Armagh
5.30pm- Dungannon Teachers Centre.
tel 028 3751 2222 All responses due by 28th May.

22nd May (10:30 - 12:30) - North West Teacher's Centre, L'Derry (summary here, more here)
27th May (14:00 - 16:00) - South West Teacher's Centre, Enniskillen (minutes here)
3 June (18:00 - 20:00) - Board Room, WELB Headquarters,
Siobhan Devlin, Children & Young People's Services WELB, 028 8241 1451 or

8th May - anyone who was present, please get in touch!
23rd May 10am (minutes here and
 here; Board's Minutes here)
27th May 10am 
Heather 028 9056 6427 
SEELB, Grahamsbridge Road, Dundonald, BT16 2HS

2nd May (invitations only sent 28th April!)
16th May 1,30pm to 2.30pm